There are very few stretches of roadway that allow the public to visit, or even view, the shore of Lake Erie in Ontario. On a recent cycling excursion in late August my colleagues and I travelled along one section of roadway where the shore was only a few metres away from the roadway over a distance of about 25 kilometres. The trip demonstrated what Ontario could be like when all of it’s citizens are free, its lands are open and its mannerĀ  is welcoming. The following photos provide a glimpse of what we saw.

In all these photos the beaches and shoreline are deserted. Not a single human being. Needless to say we also did not gain access to the shore nor did we try. For tourists riding in automobiles the roadway was like a tunnel that did not provide an exit anywhere throughout the 25 kilometres of travel. Only when the roadway turned away from the shoreline was it possible to park or exit. It demonstrated how un-welcoming privatization of Ontario has become.