Posting unreasonably low maximum speed signs will not guarantee that cyclists will ride safely. Cyclists may not follow the posted speed but they also may also not wear their helmets.

A recent observational study by Gorski Consulting has revealed that almost 1 in every 4 cyclists was not wearing a helmet.

The study conducted on July 31, 2021 on the Thames Valley Parkway (TVP) in London, Ontario took place near Greenway Park just west of Wharncliffe Road. Multiple video cameras were set up at locations to document details such as cyclist speed, gender, helmet use and other issues of active transportation safety. This two-hour documentation was one of three others conducted at various locations of the TVP during the month of July. Analysis of the data is still ongoing but preliminary results from the Greenway Park location have been completed with respect to helmet use.

A total of 296 cyclists were documented during the two-hour session on July 31st. Details about 2 of the riders were unknown. For the remaining 294, 210 were males vs 84 females. This results in a female percentage of just 28.4%. This finding is consistent with previous studies reported by Gorski Consulting and others. With respect to helmet use, 24.8% of males were observed not to wear helmets whereas for females non-use was as 19.0%.

The 296 cyclists represents a vast increase in observations compared to the previous 3 studies conducted on the TVP.