This is the only image able to be displayed regarding the multiple-fatal bus crash in Bulgaria

We are unable to show any photos related to a very important issue involving the death of at least 45 passengers of a bus that caught fire in Bulgaria. Every image is copyright and cannot be displayed by independents. This is the true problem. Official media agencies who have taken photos and video really have no idea what they possess. They provide general commentary on the evidence then resort to informing the public about what the country’s dignitaries have to say. As typical there is much comment on the terrible tragedy, that prayers must be said for the victims and that, some time in the future, someone will get to the bottom of what happened. But no one ever does get to the bottom, at least not publicly.

Any right-minded person would understand that the most important issue is that a bus, colliding with a guardrail, burst into flames and 45 persons died. That cannot happen. So the focus must be on this narrow issue. How did the bus make contact with the guardrail? What mechanisms were at play that caused the bus to catch fire in a manner that almost all the occupants could not escape the flames? None of the official news agencies pointed out these important issues to the public.

To some Bulgaria might as well be on the planet Mars. It is so far away and irrelevant to North America. It would seem we can move on to the next trivial matter believing that this event has no importance in our lives. Yet it is one of many similar, multi-fatal bus crashes that keep re-occurring in various countries, while also occurring on sparse occasions closer to home. We have an opportunity to learn from what happened and to consider whether it could also happen at home.

Why is it that we accept not being informed about such important matters? Why is it acceptable that very basic facts, such as on-site photos, cannot be displayed and evaluated by persons who might have something of value to pass on to the public? Indeed it is a strange world we live in.