This photo uploaded to the OPP Central Twitter account needs further explanation to avoid confusion.

A very brief description provided on the OPP Twitter account accompanied 2 photos of a car against a cable barrier and a tractor-trailer nestled against the car. This collision likely occurred this morning, November 11, 2021, on Hwy 400 north of Toronto. In fact only a description of the collision location was provided and a comment that only minor injuries occurred. However such a lack of further information provides much confusion. The second photo is shown below.

This photo appears to show the driver’s seat-belt trapped outside of the driver’s door, as highlighted by the orange circle. Also there is cable damage above the left-rear wheel.

Under normal collision circumstances the large extent of intrusion of the base of the left A-pillar into the driver’s space would be a deadly result. But that is because collisions with such massive intrusion occur when there is a short collision pulse accompanied by massive frontal crush at the left front end such as in a head-on collision with another vehicle. It is highly doubtful that this occurred but then police never provided an explanation. The extent of intrusion seemingly caused by the cable barrier contact is extreme and not expected. It could be partially explained if the tractor-trailer continued to push the car along the barrier, but some explanation would help.

Curiously, the above photo seems to show that the driver’s seat-belt is pinched outside of the driver’s door. This is hard to explain if the seat-belt was being used during the collision but then how could the seat-become positioned outside the driver’s door if the door remained closed? This is a bazaar occurrence that certainly requires explanation.

If the driver was not wearing a seat-belt and if there was massive intrusion into where he/she would be expected to be seated one would question how he/she sustained only minor injuries. Yet intrusion that occurs over an extended time could easily explain lack of injury.

Police cannot be professional journalists but sometimes photos like these need clarification.