Another fire & death from a transport truck rear-end impact has occurred on Hwy 400 in Toronto. The existence of the fire was not revealed except in a brief comment by police during their update.

Vehicle fires are not acceptable nor are they evitable during and after an impact. It is why road safety standards in Canada and the U.S. exist to prevent them. When fires occur they may be an indication of a road safety defect. Yet none of this appears to be of concern in the updates of investigating police and the official news media at the site of the most current fatal collision on Hwy 400 south of Finch Ave in Toronto. This process continues from one collision to the next without proper identification of why a fire started and whether its commencement was reasonable given the collision circumstances.

Also, a rear-end impact involving a tractor-trailer is a common occurrence on freeways throughout North America. Why and how they occur is hidden by police investigations that are never revealed except when revelation is forced through court proceedings. Even then the focus of court proceedings is to assess the fault of one driver or another while chronic failures of the roadway system such asĀ  failures to provide advance warnings of stopped or slowing traffic are passed over. Nowhere in Ontario has any study been made available to the public that summarizes the numbers of expressway rear-end impacts, their causes and their possible mitigation.