This OPP photo, showing a westward view, is the closest view anyone has produced of the conditions of Hwy 403 in the eastbound lanes where a tractor-trailer exited into the median. But clearly this photo shows nothing about those conditions.

Whenever a vehicle passes through the median of a high-speed expressway and fatalities occur, questions are asked because median barriers exist that are supposed to prevent such tragedies. But it is revealing how often official agencies skirt around the discussion.

The latest fatal, median, cross-over collision reportedly occurred on Hwy 403 near Hwy 6 near Hamilton, Ontario today, June 30, 2021 at approximately 0930 hours. It was reported that a tractor-trailer was eastbound when it crossed the median and struck a westbound passenger car resulting in the death of the car driver. News media stories, photos and video showed copious views of the vehicles at their final rest positions but no views were made available of the area where the tractor-trailer left the eastbound lanes of the highway. It is as if the conditions at the point of exit, or earlier,  were irrelevant  to the cause of death.

Fatal median cross-over collisions are sensitive issues. They have been complained about on Highway 401 in south-western Ontario over many decades In the 1980’s numerous fatal, media,n cross-overs occurred in the 8-metre-wide median between London and Woodstock resulting in an inquest in 1989 and the subsequent building of a concrete median barrier. Similar outcries have come more recently along the highway west of London to Tilbury. It is an issue that the Provincial government, police, and surprisingly the official media, do not want to discuss in detail.