If you are encountering a roadway with features such as this then you need to consult the Gorski Consulting “Road Data” to understand how it relates to your safety.

You can complain about the quality of the roads you drive but Gorski Consulting is the only site that provides, objective, comparative data for many roads in Southern Ontario.

New data has now been uploaded to the “Road Data” page of this Gorski Consulting website, from testing conducted this spring along various roads in London, Ontario. Testing using two types of school buses was obtained to compare these results to the previous data using a 2007 Buick Allure. A small 18-Passenger school bus was also used to obtain data while crossing over speed bumps located within London.

These data help to solidify the point made previously that the use of the accelerometers and gyros of an Apple iPhone results in reliable data being produced that can identify the quality of a road surface. Not only that, but testing has also be done on a variety or roadway features such as bridge junctions, railway tracks, incomplete road repairs and speed bumps. Thus on can compare the severity of the effect on a vehicle from driving over these features. There is no other data available that makes a comparison between all these roadway surfaces and features using a consistent and objective methodology.

The data simply reports the magnitude of the motion of a test vehicle caused by traveling on a road surface or crossing over a certain road feature. It can be appreciated that the greater reaction of the test vehicle means that the road surface or feature has caused that motion and therefore there must be something about the surface or feature that prevents the vehicle from travelling in an undisturbed manner. While much of the data is reported in averages, typically over a time of 30 seconds, anyone interested in more detail about a specific location can simply contact us and we can provide data that is of much greater detail.

For example, in the testing of roadway features the data is reported over a time duration of only one to two seconds. Thus it is possible to examine the reaction the test vehicle as it crosses over the very short distance and time surrounding that feature.

Anyone interested in conducting their own testing, or who wishes that testing be performed at a desired location, is encouraged to contact us in London, Ontario at 519-453-2773.