Gorski Consulting has been making observations of the characteristics and actions of cyclists riding on the roads of London Ontario for many years. For the year 2021 the number of observed cyclists was increased substantially. Such observations can help to determine the safety of cycling in the City while also providing some clues as to how cycling infrastructure could be changed or improved.

One area of interest is the number of females that are observed riding on, or adjacent to City roads. It has been observed that, throughout the years, the observed percentage of female cyclists riding on or adjacent to roads in London, Ontario has been quite small. As we are approaching the end of 2021 there is a substantial amount of new data that continues to support this trend. The table below provides the latest frequencies up to the end of October, 2021.

Overall it can be seen that for the years 2013 through to the end of October, 2021, a total 1730 observations of cyclists have been made. The percentage of female cyclists in this total is only 14.8%. This percentage is fairly consistent throughout the years of observations. At a time when a substantial amount of new cycling infrastructure is being completed in London, there is also considerable hope that the number of cyclists using that infrastructure will increase.

This data shows that there is no indication that recent observations in the year 2020 or 2021 are showing an increase in the percentage of female cyclists. While many more cyclists were observed in 2021, this is likely due to our increased efforts to document more cyclists rather than there being a vastly increased number of cyclists on the roads, although that could also be a possibility. An important question for this data is: How will we increase the number of female cyclists compared to males? And why does this difference in gender of cyclists continue to exist?