Professor Ahmed Shalaby, University of Manitoba – a champion of road safety in Canada

Without independent and unbiased assessment of road safety issues the Canadian public would be left unaware of many dangers that lurk in its transportation systems. Luckily there are some knowledgeable and intelligent researchers who are willing to educate the public when official agencies become tied up in bureaucracy and bias. Ahmed Shalaby, Professor of Civil Engineering and Municipal Infrastructure Research Chair at the University of Manitoba is one of those exceptional persons who has recently been addressing such road safety problems in a series of well-written articles in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. Most recently he has been discussing the lack of crashworthiness of large transit and inter-city buses (coaches). His articles are not just his opinion but they are well researched, full of accurate details that are explained in a clear manner.

We owe much to such champions of integrity who insist that transportation officials be held accountable for their actions or non-actions.