Will the public ever get an unbiased answer to the question whether a technical report on Hamilton’s Red Hill Valley Parkway surface conditions was purposely hidden? At the present pace of the inquiry skeptics believe their grandchildren may finally get that answer.

It has been almost a year since the last meeting of the Red Hill Valley Parkway inquiry and still nothing has been resolved. The inquiry was to get to the bottom of how and why a technical report to the City of Hamilton Ontario came to be missing, or was purposely hidden, with respect to the surface conditions of the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton. An engineering report suggested the surface was substandard. In the meantime collisions were happening along the Parkway which suggested that the surface conditions might be part of the cause.

While excuses are available to the inquiry participants that the COVID-19 pandemic is the cause of its delays, there are some doubts. In the last meeting on July 7, 2020 the inquiry participants explained how the process of gathering documentation was obviously slow. Yet a year later there has still been no word about whether this gathering of documents has been completed.

Participants have described how they have worked hard to gather vast numbers of documents. Looking from the outside in there is no way any entity can confirm whether this is accurate and reasonable. As the inquiry has been narrowed to only four participants there is reasonable apprehension that the activities of all involved can be hidden from independent, public evaluation. Meanwhile the wait continues and the costs keep rising.