Vehicle Fires Continue to be Under Reported

Thanks to a CBC Go Public news segment some news about vehicles fires has been leaked into the public domain. But far too many are never officially reported, let alone known by the public. The Go Public program indicated that Chris Dietrich of Ayr Ontario submitted a...

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Lessons From An UnSafe Police Traffic Stop

Police have an obligation toward their safety, and drivers around them, to take note of how they perform traffic stops on high speed expressways. In an earlier article posted to this website on February 20, 2019 we reported on a proper and safe positioning at a police...

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Speed of Recreational Cyclists on Down Grades

The speed of recreational cyclists on down grades of roadways and paths is largely unknown and misunderstood. Gorski Consulting has been conducting recent testing and observations at several locations in London, Ontario, Canada to provide some base data on this...

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