Gorski Consulting

Gorski Consulting is a forensic motor vehicle accident reconstruction firm offering expert analysis and opinion to the legal, insurance, and private plaintiff/defendant communities for the resolution of civil and criminal litigation issues.

Since 1980, Zygmunt Gorski, the principal of the firm, has worked in the safety research and accident reconstruction fields. He has provided reconstruction analysis and expert opinions and testimonies for hundreds of vehicle accidents.

Recent Posts

Highway 401 Safety Issues – Traffic Volumes

Gorski Consulting has documented the Highway 401 traffic volume in its continuing series on safety along the South-western Ontario segment of the highway. A series of videotaping sessions was conducted at four sites along the highway. The video is being analysed and...

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Driver Drowning at Port Bruce, Ontario

This is the controlled beach at Port Bruce where large, closely-spaced, concrete blocks prevent any traffic from entering the water. It is a difficult location for someone wanting to drive into the water... Why would a driver arrive at a traffic controlled beach in...

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Fires Continue to Erupt After Recent Collisions

The above photo was posted on the CP24 News website describing a fatal collision in Pickering, Ontario. The collision is under investigation by Ontario's Special Investigation Unit (SIU). The SIU becomes involved when serious injuries occur that might be caused by...

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Observed Speed of Vehicles On Hwy 401 At Four Sites

What kind of safety problems exist along the busiest highway in Canada? Government agencies such as the Ontario Ministry of Transportation monitor traffic along Highway 401 but that information is not made available to the public. Some of this data could be...

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The Honorable Mr. Harry Leslie Smith

“I am one of the last few remaining voices left from a generation of men and women who built a better society for our children and grandchildren out of the horrors of the second world war, as well as the hunger of the Great Depression. Sadly, that world my generation...

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World-Wide Only 10 % of Bicycle Accidents Are Reported

A recent article (by D. Shinar et. al.) published in the Accident Analysis & Prevention, Volume 110, January 2018) examined the official reporting of bicycle accidents in 17 nations. It was estimated that only about 10% of such collisions were officially reported....

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