Gorski Consulting

Gorski Consulting is a forensic motor vehicle accident reconstruction firm offering expert analysis and opinion to the legal, insurance, and private plaintiff/defendant communities for the resolution of civil and criminal litigation issues.

Since 1980, Zygmunt Gorski, the principal of the firm, has worked in the safety research and accident reconstruction fields. He has provided reconstruction analysis and expert opinions and testimonies for hundreds of vehicle accidents.

Recent Posts

Example of a Relatively Safe Police Traffic Stop

Police traffic stops near busy or high speed roadways are a genuine danger. Mainly to the officer, but also to all traffic in the vicinity. A "Move Over" law has been enacted in Ontario that is an attempt to make such stops safer. Unfortunately new dangers are created...

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Changes To SIU Forthcoming

News media have indicated that changes to Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) will be announced this week. The Ford conservative government stopped earlier Liberal legislation that would have improved the functioning of the SIU. That earlier legislation was in...

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Documentation of Un-Reported Collisions Continues

How many collisions occur that never get officially reported? That fact can affect the reliability of collision statistics and what the public is told about roadway safety. Gorski Consulting has been involved in a long term study of unreported collisions and...

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More Car Fires But Still No Alarms

The latest unexplained car fire occurred today, February 13, 2019, in a parking lot of a mall in Toronto. Still, no one appears to be concerned. Gorski Consulting has raised the warning flag on several occasions in the last couple of years regarding the apparent...

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Red Hill Valley Parkway – The Plague of Secrecy

The meaning of road surface friction data or that a single report may have been hidden pales in comparison to the overall issue of secrecy that predominates road safety issues. A local uproar erupted in Hamilton, Ontario when it was revealed that a 2013 technical...

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Red Hill Valley Parkway – Is The Friction Data Corrupt?

Road surface friction data at the junction between the Lincoln Alexander and the Red Hill Valley Parkway appears to be strange, at best. Before concluding anything there needs to be an explanation. There has been much uproar over the revelation that a report of...

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