It does not take much to recognize the large percentage of pedestrians that are close to traffic while communicating with their smart phones.  There is no fine for doing so. Yet, if they were driving a motor vehicle they would face a heavy fine.

If he were a driver he would face a heavy fine.

It becomes problematic because the cause of many collisions could be the result of pedestrians not paying attention to traffic around them. Will the police now be deployed at busy intersections and fine pedestrians who are caught using their smart phones? What about using headphones to listen to music or a digital book? It demonstrates how the introduction of new technology that improves life, also brings with it new complications that cause new problems.

Being aware of your surroundings allows you to detect a safety threat that cannot be detected while distracted by a smart phone.

What is known is that the numbers of pedestrians involved in fatal and injury collisions is rising and distraction may be part of the problem. It remains a question how we will deal with it.