In the last several years a controversy has erupted in South-Western Ontario with respect to the incidence of median cross-over collisions occurring in the 118-kilometre segment of Highway 401 where no median barriers exist. This section of the busy super-highway is located between Tilbury and London, Ontario. This controversy is reminiscent of a similar one that erupted in the late 1980s when similar median crossover collisions were occurring between London and Woodstock, Ontario.

In the 1980s Zygmunt Gorski was working as an accident investigator with the University of Western Ontario Multi-Disciplinary Accident Research Team. He was involved in the inquest into the median crossover collisions and provided testimony and results of the Team’s research. Due to the lack of objective information that is presently available to the public on the need and importance of median barriers Gorski Consulting has decided to release some of the information and data surrounding the studies conducted thirty years ago in an article that is available on this page on this Gorski Consulting website. It is hoped that his information with be helpful to those currently having difficulties and concerns regarding the safety of Highway 401. …Read Full Article Here