Tire marks may be the only indicator that a significant loss-of-control event occurred that has not been reported.

In a continued study of loss-of-control collisions and incidents at the Clarke Road S-curve, north of Fanshawe Park Road in London, Ontario, Gorski Consulting has found that 96% of southbound vehicles at the curve, which are out of control when they slide through the opposing lane, are never documented in any official records such as police collision data. This is an astounding finding considering that the passage through an opposing lane at highway speed could lead to catastrophic consequences for innocent vehicle occupants. Yet these findings are indisputable because of the detailed photographic evidence that has been gathered to support this research. Previous Gorski Consulting articles from January through April, 2017 discussed more general results whereby it was found that over 80% of all events at the S-curve were not officially documented. The new research findings are even more compelling because it discusses a more-dangerous subset of these incidents. We have prepared an article discussing the details of this reseach and we encourage readers to consider its implications. …Read Full Article Here