Gorski Consulting has conducted observations of almost 1000 cyclists in London, Ontario during the year 2023. Cyclist helmet use is one of the parameters being monitored.

As in previous years Gorski Consulting has obtained observations of cyclist helmet use in London, Ontario for the year 2023. The latest data is shown in the following table.

Overall more than two-thirds of male cyclists in 2023 were observed not to be wearing a cycling helmet. Yet the usage rate for females appears to be more, at close to half. Similar data was also obtained and reported in 2022 and this is shown in the table below.

The difference in helmet use appeared to be less pronounced in 2022 as about 63 percent of males were not using helmets and 55 percent of females were non-users.

Observational data like this is important to understand what local trends exist versus what is reported for studies in Ontario, Canada or internationally.