View of a northbound cyclist travelling on the City of London cycling trail near Trafalgar Road in May 2020.

The speed of cyclists on downgrades was previously reported in a Gorski Consulting article of October 8, 2018. That article examined three sites where substantial downgrades existed and it was demonstrated that cyclists generally coasted to high speeds. One of those sites, located south of Trafalgar Road, was particularly interesting because of its new construction and the challenging  conditions that were created for cyclists and pedestrians.

On June 2, 2020 Gorski Consulting returned to Trafalgar site and conducted additional observations to explore the extent of the possible safety problems that might exist. Multiple video cameras were used to capture the speed of northbound cyclists on the trail as well as to explore any conflicts with pedestrians who also use the trail. The video will be analysed in the next week or two and an article is expected to be posted to the Gorski Consulting website with the results of the testing.