Another post-impact fire has occurred, this time in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Four persons, including three pedestrians perished in the incident yet there has been no explanation how and why these fatalities occurred. Police and news media have made it difficult for anyone to examine any meaningful evidence as the only views of the collision-involved vehicle has been shadowy, partial glimpses.

It was reported that the collision occurred at approximately 0200 hours on Saturday, March 19, 2022 when  stolen vehicle went out of control on Main Street and collided with a concrete lamp standard. It is not clear how three pedestrians came to sustain fatal injuries as it is not common for this to occur from just a single impact. When a group of pedestrians is struck there is generally a difference in the patterns and severity of injury and it is common to observe one or two fatalities along with several injured parties. It is not common for all three persons struck to sustain fatal injuries without anyone surviving. Thus the role of a post-impact fire in those deaths would need to be examined. But none of this is occurring at present.