Whether you drive a heavy truck or bus, or happen to be a passenger, you are provided with essentially no warnings regarding your danger when your vehicle strikes a roadside barrier.

This frame was captured from an OPP Twitter video from a truck rollover on Highway 401 near McCowan Rd in Toronto on August 27, 2019.

As an example, a tractor-trailer struck the end of a concrete barrier on Highway 401 near McCowan Road on August 27, 2019, as shown in the above frame taken from OPP video. Scenes like these are commonplace and demonstrate the dangerous situation whenever a heavy truck or bus strikes an roadside barrier. These barriers are designed to interact with smaller passenger cars, light trucks and vans. Yet no guidance or warning is provided by anyone of an official capacity that such impacts cause rollovers and ultimately major injuries, and deaths. Catastrophic results can occur if a heavy truck is carrying dangerous cargo or if a bus is carrying multiple passengers. These are the filters placed on the public’s right to know.