Should the historic Blackfriars bridge in London, Ontario be closed to motor vehicle traffic? That was a question debated by many Londoners in the fall of 2021. To enhance the discussion Gorski Consulting decided to conduct an independent traffic study of the site examining facts such as motor vehicle, cyclist and pedestrians volumes, as well as their speeds and visibility.

Thursday, May 26, 2022 was planned to be the day when official observations of traffic were to be conducted by Gorski Consulting at the site of the Blackfriars bridge in London, Ontario. Unfortunately weather forecasts kept predicting that the day would be washed out. Even on May 25th weather forecasters continued to report a 60 percent chance of rain. So the testing had to be postponed. Yet, as May 26th came around it was not rainy at all. There were some relatively high winds but almost no rain. So there it goes.

Our study has been postponed to another date in the not too distant future.