Preliminary results are now available from Session #5 of the Blackfriairs Bridge Traffic Study (BBTS) with respect to the number of observed motor vehicles and their speeds. The analysis is incomplete such that the only speeds available are those as eastbound vehicles travel the 10 metres approaching the pedestrian crossing at the east end of the Bridge. As analysis continues calculations of speed in the two preceding segments of road along the Bridge will be completed.

For now the incomplete table below is a comparison of Session #5 against the results of the other four preceding sessions.

As can be seen in the table, the smallest number (only 66) of motor vehicles were documented in the two hours of observation in Session #5. Yet this compares fairly well with the 68 observations in Session #4.

The most striking revelation is with respect to the number of “High Speeders” in Session #5. Only 5 motor vehicles were observed travelling at 25 km/h or higher as they approached the pedestrian crossing. One of the reasons for this may be that there were a large number of cyclists, pedestrians and non-pedestrians who interfered with the motion of these vehicles. Although no official count has been made yet it was observation, while standing at the site, that there were many more cyclists, pedestrians and non-pedestrians than motor vehicles. We have already indicated from previous Sessions that motor vehicles were out-numbered by almost 4-1. However it is possible that this ratio might even be higher in Session #5, although that remains to be officially determined.

We are continuing our analysis of the relevant facts in Session #5 and will continue to report these details as they become available in the next few days.