Should vehicles catch fire because they make contact with a human body?

Suicide from jumping off a highway overpass is believable. And noting that the victim fell onto a passing van is also possible. But having the van subsequently catch fire seems a bit questionable. Particularly when news media such as CP24 News reported that police told them they were called to the suicide location because of a car fire. That information was later changed in by other news outlets to a police call because a witness saw a person on a bridge acting suspiciously. All this confusion may be explained if news media no longer have the editorial staff of that past that made sure a story was correct before it was made public. Perhaps a little more clarity is needed?

What seems to be consistent is the death of a man occurred on Hwy 410 at Derry Road in Mississauga sometime in the early hours of September 6, 2019. The news media also seem to be consistent with the fact that Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has invoked its mandate to conduct a further inquiry.

If it is becoming commonplace for vehicles to catch fire because they make contact with a human body maybe we should expect fires whenever a pedestrian is struck. Is there no concern that such a fire might cause injury or death to persons inside the vehicle?