Kindness, empathy for those in need, and doing the right thing when no one is there to notice, are the qualities needed in all police officers, and in us all.

That simple act of kindness portrayed by Constable MacRae of the Waterloo Regional Police sends a far larger message to us all.

The Waterloo Regional Police uploaded three photos on their Twitter account showing the actions of one of their own Constables helping a family of duckling over a tall, concrete curb and toward safety.

Constable MacRae is shown with a family of duckling as they move along a tall concrete curb.

Constable MacRae observes the adult duck has crossed over the tall curb while the baby ducklings struggle to do so. The first photo shows the helpful act of kindness when the ducklings are given a lift to safety.

In a world filled with hypocrisy, chest beating about the glory of ourselves, amidst the true corruption that so often lies beneath, Constable MacRae’s simple act of kindness demonstrates what direction we could go, should we wish to do so. This is a far greater message than a simple act of kindness. Constable MacRae welcome to the honour role of true heros.