Yes, the Sarnia Observer Newspaper is correct when the title to its news item read: “Highway 401 closed in Sarnia following crash”. The obvious error is that Highway 401 does not travel near Sarnia. The news item was with respect to the rollover collision of a truck on Highway 402 at Sarnia, not Highway 401.

Everyone makes mistakes. Those mistakes are eternally engrained in electronic storage when shown on TV, published in print media or uploaded on the internet. Various mistakes have occurred on the Gorski Consulting website from time to time and those are corrected when noted or when time allows.

What is different about the current developments in the news media is that, progressively, there appears to be less and less checking of the content for errors. In the golden decades of the newspaper era there were many eyes checking facts and, particularly, searching for typographical errors. Now, with the shortage of ad revenue and the decline of human resources to send out original and correct information, errors are becoming more frequent. That may be OK for small websites like Gorski Consulting that reach a small segment of our society. It is different when an error coming from a large news organization reaches thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of viewers/readers. We expect these large organizations to be dependable but they are beginning to unravel.

So we can feel sorry for the Sarnia Observer’s embarrassment. Your problem is not unique and it happens. We also hope that the person(s) involved in the reported truck rollover on Highway 402 are safe.