Strong opinions have been expressed about fault and what requires changing as a result of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy. Yet there is an unexplainable unwillingness to recognize crucial evidence affecting the validity of those conclusions is still missing. Above all, the RCMP report of their investigation has never been made public. Yet it is only the RCMP who had exclusive access to the evidence that no one else could document or examine. If we truly want to make changes that are based on the objective evidence we need to examine the evidence ahead of time.

As an accident investigator, reconstructionist and road safety researcher for the past 38 years I can see there are many concerns about this tragedy. Having examined numerous expert reports and police investigations I am aware of how conclusions can become vastly astray of what they should be, even when they are drawn by seemingly reputable, educated and experienced individuals. My advice is that all involved, whether they be family, politicians, news media reporters or the general public, request that the report of the RCMP investigation be made public so that independent investigators, reconstructionists and researchers can examine the data and provide independent comments for all to evaluate. Not doing so makes the tragedy that much more tragic as lessons that could be gained from it will never be learned.