Farm tractor lighting can lead to collisions when drivers do not understand their difference from typical motor vehicles.

When approaching a farm tractor from the rear drivers often assume that the lighting and its meaning is predictable much like city traffic. There are differences that could prove deadly. The lighting on the tractor in this photo is partially obscured making it appear that the vehicle will be making a right turn.

Farm tractors, much like construction equipment, often contain extra, flashing, lights that are located at portions of the vehicle that are not common. Drivers from urban areas who are not familiar with approaching such vehicles can obtain the wrong information about what the lights mean. Many farm vehicles are equipped with flashing amber lights that appear to be the same as the turn signal lights of urban vehicles. When a full view of the lighting is not observed a driver may believe the farm vehicle will be travelling straight ahead or making a right turn and attempt to pass. At the last moment the opposite may be true.

Because the left turn signal is obscured an approaching driver might begin to pass the tractor without knowing that the tractor is preparing to make a left turn.

This is something to think about next time you approach farm vehicles.