With a 2016 traffic volume of 21800 vehicles, why was the overpass pillar on Highway 402 at Glendon Drive not protected by a barrier when its impact resulted in a fatality earlier this morning?

It is being reported that at approximately 0200 hours this morning an eastbound SUV struck the “overpass” at Glendon Drive. While no other details are presently available a quick glance at the site using GoogleMaps shows the two views shown below.

Eastbound view on Highway 402 approaching the Glendon Drive overpass.

Whether by barrels or guardrail or any other device, why were the concrete pillars of this Glendon Drive overpass left unprotected on Highway 402?

Clearly the concrete pillars of the Glendon Drive overpass are not protected from impact by wayward vehicles. It remains to be seen whether the fatal collision that occurred earlier this morning involved an impact to one of these pillars. But even if this did not happen, why are these pillars not protected by Fitch barrels, guardrail or any similar device?