During the week of June 1-6, 2021, volunteers across Canada were involved in counting cyclists in their cities, towns and regions. As part of its testing and research activities Gorski Consulting has been involved in a various traffic documentation procedures over the past 30 years. Most of these have involved the use of multiple video cameras to extract data for use in forensic collision analysis. As such video has been gathered that included observations of cyclists. As part of the Velo program Gorski Consulting volunteered to make additional counts during the first week of June using the same procedures of video analysis. These data have now been sent to Velo to be included in the counts made by other volunteers throughout Canada.

View looking south along the Thames Valley Parkway just south of Trafalgar St in London. This is an example of some of the cyclists and pedestrians that were observed on the path during videotaping on June 2, 2021.

The summary table below shows the counts that were documented by Gorski Consulting during the week of June 1-6, 2021. These counts were made at two locations: 1. On Hale Street between the two ends of Heather Crescent and 2. Along the Thames Valley Parkway (TVP) path just south of Trafalgar Street at the Pottersburg Creek Bridge.

The documentations on Hale Street showed very low volumes of cyclist, pedestrian and other non-motor-vehicle units. Such data is valuable when we need a full understanding of the active transportation mode that exists in non-traditional count locations.

The numbers 26 through 38 in the “Path Location” column indicate the number of sessions that Gorski Consulting has completed where cyclists and pedestrian traffic has be documented by multiple video cameras. These permanent records are valuable because they also include instances where observed cyclists/pedestrians travel past markers and thus average speeds can be calculated. Other details such as the actions and interactions of cyclists, pedestrians and other units can be used to explore safety issues and where conflicts occur.