Once again the Ford “family” has interfered with the administration of Justice in Ontario by directing that an unknown number of impaired drivers should receive lesser charges. So, if you are a friend of the “family” you get rewarded for endangering the lives of the innocent.

Global News reportedly broke the story that, the Ford Government sent a directive to Ontario Prosecutors to use their discretion in reducing impaired driving charges as a way of reducing the court backlog.

The reality is that the Ford “family” has been using its power to reduce government expenditures in every way possible, regardless of circumstances. Whether it be in Ontario’s health system, education system and its justice system. Rather than increase government costs by appointing more judges to clear the court backlog, the Ford “family” chose to let criminals free, but not revealing which criminals received those perks.

In a Global News article of May 22, 2024, it was revealed that the Ford government never kept track of how many impaired driving charges were reduced and to who. As prosecutors are appointed by the Ford “family” it is conceivable that those in Ford’s inner circle would receive preferential treatment. It continues a Ford track record of interference with Ontario’s justice system.

No sooner than the Ford government came into power they immediately scraped the plans to improve the Police Act which would have created more transparency is the workings of institutions such as Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit. Doug Ford then tried to install his friend into the position of the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police. He also talked about appointing “like-minded” judges who would support his way of thinking regardless of the evidence presented at trial. The latest interference with sentencing select impaired drivers is just a continuing process of crooked activity by a government that was not elected by a majority, but elected through a minority, because the Ontario public was too apathetic to vote in sufficient numbers in the last election.