The full results from testing on the Lincoln Alexander and Red Hill Valley Parkways have now been obtained from testing conducted on May 15, 2019. Earlier we reported on the test results from the eastbound Lincoln Alexander and the northbound Red Hill Valley. Now we have also completed our analysis of the southbound Red Hill Valley and the westbound Lincoln Alexander. Detailed tables of the results will be displayed shortly in a separate news item. In the meantime the overall results, separated into the four main road segments, are shown below.

EB Linc Alex Parkway: Lateral Rotation = 0.0263, Longitudinal Rotation = 0.0133

WB Linc Alex Parkway: Lateral Rotation = 0.0272, Longitudinal Rotation = o.0140

Northbound Red Hill Valley Parkway: Lateral Rotation = 0.0190, Longitudinal Rotation = 0.0139

Southbound Red Hill Valley Parkway: Lateral Rotation = 0.0165, Longitudinal Rotation = 0.0130

What should be obvious in these broad values is that the overall condition of the surface of the Red Hill Valley Parkway is in “better” condition that the Lincoln Alexander Parkway. However there were large differences noted in the specific road segments of each road that are being hidden by the general values noted above. The worst road segment was found to be along the westbound Lincoln Alexander Parkway near the Upper Sherman Ave overpass where the surface values were: Lateral Rotation= 0.0467, Longitudinal Rotation = 0.0259.

Further details of these results will be posted shortly.