Having endured surgery has re-affirmed my long-undisclosed belief that my most treasured relationships have not been with people but with creatures such as my son “Jasper” who passed into a happier life a number of years ago.

Not only was the Gorski Consulting website recently hacked but regrettably I was informed that I would need surgery. This occurred last week and I am slowly recovering.

I’ve had some thoughts in passing. Many years have passed by in the wink of an eye much like my father said they would. What remains no one can predict. As best I have attempted to leave personal matters out of the Gorski Conulting web posts and focus on technical issues.

What I hope to achieve, like I set out when I examined the tragedy of my first fatal collision investigation over 40 years ago, is to continue to report truthfully about collision events while also attempting to leave behind some tid bits of fact that someone might use. Most importantly, in this insane world of bias and corruption, I understand that many simple beings become entrapped in this world’s craziness. I have always endevoured to help those persons out, though regrettably, not successfully.