A seemingly spectacular video clip has been shown of a car going out of control on Williams Parkway in Brampton, Ontario, crashing through a roadside fence, rolling over multiple times and striking a parked car. The best that can be said is that no one was killed, although that itself could be classified as a modern miracle. Many crashes on any professional racing circuit are not much more dramatic. However such videos can attract the attention of many admirers who might think this could be fun: “If this driver could do it maybe I can too”. While this is complete foolishness it is also an opportunity to grasp the attention of these admirers and provide a step-by-step analysis of why this is not to be admired. Over and over again we have opportunities like these to explain the cause of serious injury and death but we do not. It is not a case of freightening speeders but providing them with objective, scientific information as, in many instances, reducing ignorance can be a road safety tool.