Gorski Consulting has now completed four sites along Highway 401 in southwestern Ontario where video data was obtained to explore traffic motions and potential safety problems. The map below shows the sites.

Location of testing sites along Highway 401 where traffic observations were made.

Analysis of the video data is ongoing. One of several safety concerns along the highway is the installation of a high-tension cable barrier system between Tilbury and London, Ontario. Some local groups have expressed concerns whether the cable barrier will stop massive tractor-trailers from crossing the median.

Given that 40 to 50 % of traffic travelling along this section of Highway 401 is made up of heavy trucks it is imperative that a median barrier be of such a design that prevents median cross-over collisions.

Gorski consulting expects to study a variety of safety issues and traffic patterns. Results will be posted on the Gorski Consulting website (www.gorskiconulting.com). More scholarly assessments will be written as technical papers and will also be presented at a variety of future conferences.