Cyclists are being counted throughout Canada by volunteers during the week of June 1-6, 2021. Gorski Consulting in contributing to the counts.

Over the past week five sessions of cyclist observations were performed by Gorski Consulting, each approximately 2-3 hours, with respect to the Velo Cycling Count that has been taking place throughout Canada during the week of June 1-6, 2021. Because the sessions are videotaped analysis is required to extract the cycling numbers. Also the procedures performed by Gorski Consulting include counts of all users of any site, including pedestrians and specialized vehicles.

The results are available from two of the sites where observations were conducted on June 2, 2021: Three hours of observation made on Hale Street between the two legs of Heather Crescent and two hours of observations performed on the Thames Valley Parkway just south of Trafalgar St at the Pottersburg Creek Bridge. Results from the Hale Street site indicated very low numbers of cyclists and pedestrians.

At the Thames Valley Parkway (TVP) site on June 2, 2021 the data has been separated into two individual hours. In the first hour 35 cyclists were observed, 32 pedestrians and 2 other (specialized vehicles, etc). In the second hour 44 cyclists were observed, 15 pedestrians, and no others.

Analysis is on-going of the three remaining sessions, two at the Hale Street site and one at the TVP Trafalgar site.

With the completion of these two sessions Gorski Consulting now has completed 30, one-hour, sessions of cyclist observations in the City of London over the past 15 years.