In a companion article (“Issues of Concern With Respect to the McElhanney Report on the Safety of the Humboldt Broncos Collision Site”) that has been posted on the Articles page of this Gorski Consulting website we have explained how the Saskatchewan Department of Transportation was likely partially at fault for the cause of the Humboldt Broncos multi-fatal bus crash on April 6, 2018 in north-eastern Saskatchewan. What has not been properly reported is that a required line of sight called an “intersection sight triangle” was not afforded to both drivers such they could not see each other in sufficient time and distance to avoid the collision. As stated by authoritative organizations such as the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC):

“From each approach to an intersection, sufficient sight distance along each intersection leg to allow vehicle operators to see approaching vehicles in time to avoid collision is required.”

The lack of proper reporting on this issue has led many Canadians to be misled about how and why the Humboldt Broncos collision occurred. Gorski Consulting has highlighted the fact that information from the police investigation of the collision has not been released even though over nine months have passed since the collision date. It is this essential information that needs to be revealed so that a proper assessment of the collision cause can be made.