This newly installed portion of the High Tension Cable Barrier along Highway 401 has already been struck just west of West Lorne, Ontario and has (so far) not been repaired. How will such incidents be handled in the future?

How will the new installation of High Tension Cable Barriers between Chatham and London, Ontario be repaired in a timely fashion after sustaining impact damage? That is an important question. This is one of many important issues facing Highway 401 between Chatham and London, Ontario.

In order to get some base data before the snow flies Gorski Consulting is pressing to conduct yet another traffic documentation session along Highway 401 between Chatham and London. This issue is important because a substantial length of the High Tension Cable Barrier has now been installed between London and Tilbury. More of the cable barrier installations will continue in 2019. Meanwhile we want to get some base data on traffic motions prior to that installation. We have selected a location which we believe will be suitable however we do not want to reveal its location in case drivers learn of it and change their normal behaviours. It is imperative in any research study that naturalistic data is gathered without the influence of any biasing factors. Thus we will reveal the location once the study is completed.