The OPP released a photo of a collision that occurred on Highway 401 between Queens Line and Essex Road 42 earlier today, as shown below. News media reported that a Tractor-trailer was rear-ended by a car when both were travelling in the eastbound lanes. Really?

Is that all there is? Was this car dancing?

Why would someone accept that explanation? There appears to be severe damage to the rear of the car which is wedged into the back of the trailer of the truck. With such a limited explanation one would have to believe that the car was travelling extremely quickly, backwards, as it caught up to the tractor trailer that was “moving” in the eastbound lanes. Obviously there is more to this story and the minimal information only confuses the issue.

How fast was the truck moving? Was it moving at 105 km/h like most truck do? Or was the truck travelling at 10 or 20 km/h?

Why did the car strike the truck with its rear end? Was it really “moving” in the eastbound lanes or had it rotated before impact? And if it rotated before impact why did it do so? And how could it rotate so much while remaining within the travel lanes if the road surface was in reasonably good condition?

It is true that this may be in its early stages of investigation but police could have provided a little more information rather that providing the photo and saying both vehicles were eastbound.