Howdy neighbor, I’m here to steal all your website stuff.

It was reported to me in a useful dialogue box that the owner of the Gorski Consulting website had temporarily locked me out for some unknown reason. The problem is that I am the owner of the website and I did not ask to lock myself out of my own website. The lock-out has existed for a number days until this evening when suddenly I was released from lock-out prison.

These are the modern times when strange things occur as we grapple with crooks who want to damage or steal someone’s website information. Maybe life was a little more simple in earlier times when, if you had something to say, you could stand on a soap box or prepare a presentation to a library or local neighbourhood group. Crooks who heckled you could clearly be seen in the audience. Now-a-days one never knows whether someone takes control of your website and requires a ransom. It reinforces to me that there are really a lot of crooked and wicked people out there who are hidden by the anonymity of the internet. You can basically do as you please without ever getting caught because no one can find out who you are. One of the best controls we ever had against crooks is that, once they were identified, they were visible to us all. That seems impossible now in our brave new world.