Travelling in a large charter bus on an expressway ought to be a very safe mode of transportation. The fact that, at times, it is dangerous is not because it should be but because we fail to learn from past disasters, preferring to keep the travelling public in the dark about what they can do to protect themselves.

As per past history nothing of reasonable substance has been revealed regarding the latest multi-fatal bus rollover on Pennsylvania’s Interstate 81 in Dauphin County near Harrisburg. While various news media confirmed that police reported that 3 persons were killed the explanation as to how the collision occurred is suspect at best.

The official reports indicate that the bus struck an embankment, then struck the rear of a car and finally rolled over. A photo of the bus at its final rest position cannot be shown here even though it would be of important education value. However the photo showed that the bus was lying on its right side barely off the paved shoulder of the highway. What circumstances could cause the bus to strike an embankment as the preliminary sequence of the collision, and then strike the rear end of a car? Where could the embankment be located on such an interstate that it would be close enough to the road to allow the bus to strike it and then somehow impact the car. That sequence is illogical.

A more likely scenario is that the bus struck the rear of the car as the initial event and then it rolled onto its right side. But there is no evidence of an embankment shown in the photo at the bus final rest position.

Furthermore, what dangerous circumstances could exist for the bus to rollover on its right side and cause fatal injuries to 3 passengers? A very likely possibility is that the passengers were ejected from the bus interior. There could also be structural failures or intrusion into the interior. But there is no way to determine if there was any structural intrusion or separation of the structure because there is no photo available to show the important side of the bus and all authorities have clammed up, reporting nothing, about this very important issue.

Once again, as has been shown numerous times when bus crashes occur, there is a secrecy as to how fatal injuries occurred and whether there was a safety issue with the performance of the bus in the crash. Rolling over onto the right side should not expose passengers of a bus to situations where fatal injuries should be expected. Occupant ejection or structural failure of the bus are the most common sources but no one has ever made such sources of danger known to the general public. It is another example of our society’s failure to address important transportation safety issues that keeps such consequences from being corrected.