Most guardrails are inadequate to deflect tractor trailers travelling at highway speed. Also the role of a fire in the deaths of multiple children needs to be explained. This photo from yesterday’s fire on I-75 near Gainsville Florida demonstrates why information about the performance of roadways and vehicles is so critical to the public’s safety.

While many fires erupt following collisions nothing is revealed why and how they occurred and whether they were preventable.

When a major highway such as Interstate 75 in Florida is equipped only with median guardrails there is no question being asked whether such installations are deemed safe considering the percentage of heavy trucks using that highway.

These questions will inevitably remain unanswered with respect to the tragic crash that killed 5 children and 2 adults yesterday near Gainsville Florida. What is likely is that the public will be kept out of the loop about these essential facts. Fires that might be preventable are not discussed. Fatal median cross-over collisions occur but nothing of substance is provided to the public who may be their next victims.

In Ontario there are daily notices on the 511 Twitter account notifying the public about the location of vehicle fires or major collisions. These notices are only provided so that the public will stay away from the site. Nothing is said about why and how these fires started or what was the cause of those collisions. Meanwhile we await the next fully-loaded van with children that may be unable to escape a fire and then we express our sorrow over the tragedy that could not have been avoided.

Presently there is a High Tension Cable Median Barrier being installed between London and Tilbury Ontario and its safety performance needs to be known. Its safety performance does not need to be known just by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation or a select few of police, manufacturers or installers. Its safety performance needs to be known by those of the public who risk their lives in the blind trust that all will be well. The change in approach to this secrecy is of minimal consequence to the daily operations of those maintaining Highway 401 as it only requires a properly detailed documentation of the evidence and a proper release of the evidence that will educate the public. It is this education of the public that is the catalyst to essential corrections and improvements that may be necessary. A public that is ill-informed and speculative cannot bring about such essential change if it is needed.