Roads can be the cause or influence of some collisions. Objective evidence is needed to compare the characteristics of a road to what should be expected and accepted. Gorski Consulting has been conducting testing of various road surfaces and road features for the past 10 years. The results have been published on the Road Data webpage of this Gorski Consulting website.

The latest data comes from testing conducted on June 2, 2018 on Veterans Memorial Parkway in London, Ontario. An instrumented test vehicle was driven southbound from Trafalgar Road to Highway 401. As typical, the magnitude of the motion of the test vehicle was captured in terms of the average longitudinal and lateral motion. Some motions can be too extreme and undesirable because they can cause a vehicle’s loss of control or other unintended consequences. These two parameters have been previously selected as a basis for further discussion.

The results of this latest testing are reported in a new Article uploaded to the Articles page of this website. The data will eventually be added to the Road Data datafile.