Not much is known at this time however an OPP police cruiser collision on Southdale Road in London, Ontario has reportedly resulted in critical injuries to two passengers of a taxi. It is reported that Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has commenced an investigation.

In police pursuits the perceptions of visibility and hearing may be relative. What may appear visible and loud to police may be experienced differently in the unique environmental circumstances of each case.

Police pursuits have always been lightning rods of disagreement with respect to the necessity to enforce laws that protect the public while also enforcing over-reaction of police that also protects the public. When events unfold quickly police are no less human. Anyone needing to make a quick and important decision may not respond ideally. On the other hand the consequences of police pursuits may not result from unavoidable necessities but due to improper supervision or poor judgment. Above all, after analysis of an individual incident, the most important matter is that what has been learned is reflected back into improvements so that the possibility of future incidents of unintended consequences is reduced. This process cannot be performed in a police or political vacuum. The public has a stake in the issue and thus must be informed.

As part of the City of London’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee, Gorski Consulting will continue our efforts to guide other members of the Committee and the representatives of the City of London about the important need to inform the public on all issues of their safety, including police pursuits.