After the new cycling lane was painted by the City of London on Colborne Street earlier in August of 2023, a fresh re-painting of the roadway markers was completed by Gorski Consulting on August 27th. This enables the start of observations at the site.

The City of London has finally completed painting the new cycling lane on Colborne Street between Oxford and Cheapside Streets. Gorski Consulting attended the site on August 27, 2023 and applied fresh paint to the orange markers that were painted there prior to observations in April 2023. With these actions completed observations can begin of cyclists and motor vehicles in the same manner as was done earlier this year when the cycling lane did not yet exist.

Lateral view, looking west along the zero markers in the northbound lane of Colborne Street just north of St James.

Additional markers had to be added across the road because the creation of the cycling lane. Thus originally the markers were painted over a width of just 2.0 metres. Now additional markers have been painted to create a width of 3.0 metres. This is needed to capture the lateral position of motor vehicles which will be travelling further away from the east curb due to the presence of the cycling lane. In the original set-up observations were conducted as shown in the photo below. It will be interesting to see if and how the lateral positions of traffic units changes due to the creation of the cycling lane.

In a CBC News article published on August 23, 2023 the City of London claimed that overall cycling volume increased by 15 percent between 2022 and 2023. The City also claimed that cycling volume increased by 50 percent at its counters located at Dundas and Colborne. While that appears to be good news there is still no attention being paid to the safety of riders. Other then counting cyclist volumes at its designated traffic counters there appears to be no other study by the City that examines whether the infrastructure on which cyclists ride is sufficient to keep riders reasonably safe.