The first video documentation of cyclist passing motions was completed by Gorski Consulting on Colborne Street in London Ontario on August 29, 2023. This view shows a typical scenario where cyclists are being passed by northbound traffic. A number of tripods holding video cameras can be seen on the right of this view. These cameras document the lateral position of motor vehicles and cyclists as they pass through a matrix of markers painted in the northbound lane of Colborne Street.

A successful completion of the first video documentation session of passing motions in the northbound lane of Colborne Street in London Ontario was completed by Gorski Consulting on August 29, 2023.

The next procedures will involve shrinking each video so it can be inserted into a video editting program (Adobe Premiere), where all the synchronized views are combined. Following this the analysis of video content can begin. While there has been no official count, my impression while at the site is that the number northbound cyclists appeared to have increased compared to previous sessions. The official analysis will determine if this impression is accurate.

The video session occurred between 1600 and 1800 hours. The session occurred on a Tuesday so this would be representative of a workday situation. This would be a time when many cyclists would be leaving the downtown area, perhaps on their way home. Motor vehicle traffic volumes would also be expected to be higher during this evening rush hour.

What we hope to accomplish with this data is a comparison to previous video sessions before the painted cycling lane was created. While there is much opinion about the safety, or lack of it, provided by painted cycling lanes there is essentially no objective data collected by anyone to examine the details of how cyclists and motor vehicles interact at such lanes. Our documentations are the only publicly available data of these interactions. Stay tuned as we conduct the analysis and report it on this Gorski Consulting website.