Why is the public not allowed to see the damage caused to this fence at Hanna Public School in Sarnia and how it relates to the fatal collision there this morning?

Some information does not need to be hidden from public knowledge, but it is. An unexplained fatal collision occurred this morning at a chain-link fence at the property line of the Hanna Memorial Public School in Sarnia. It was reported that a single vehicle collision occurred and the Ontario Special Investigations (SIU) Unit has become involved. A photo of the vehicle in which the fatality occurred was shown in various news media with a blanket covering its complete perimeter. That may be understandable. But the photo was closely cropped in a manner such that the status of the nearby fence, which was likely involved in the collision, was not shown. Why was that done?

This is an area of a school ground where children would most likely be present. We care about keeping children safe by reducing speeds, using cross-guards to help children cross streets and we employ various monitors to guide children as they come in and off of school buses. In this realm of concern, why is there no concern about how this fatality occurred and whether it could affect the safety of children around the school’s vicinity? Clearly children could also be riding in vehicles where the fatality occurred. Is that not a relevant matter?

The police investigators, SIU and the official news media need to make the public aware of what took place and why the danger existed without being corrected before the tragedy occurred. Hiding this important information is reminiscent of the operations of a third-world, banana republic and not the actions in a free democracy where the reasons for someone’s death need to be made public.