A driving instructor in Richmond BC who reportedly hacked into provincial computers to accelerate appointment times for his clients illustrates a general fact of human nature.

Creating problems that create more problems.

It has been reported that the average wait time for BC provincial driving tests was 70 days. While this delay would not appear to be life-threatening to most persons, it can be important to those who need licences for means of employment, commuting in isolated locations, or to deal with a family crisis. To those whose delay is critical attempts to circumvent a broken down bureaucracy becomes a strong incentive. Thus corruption and fraud develops.The question to be asked is, if the wait time was reduced to say one week, or even a day, would a black marketĀ  for appointment times be eliminated? Why do wait times of this length need to exist? In a typical supply and demand society, when demand is great it encourages a greater supply. But when there is a monopoly that is immune to demand there is no change in supply. Is that what exists in the Province’s operations?