The school bus driver was a hero for saving 7 students – But why is there no publicity for how and why the bus caught fire? This is a common question we ask at Gorski Consulting yet no one else wishes to ask the same question.

It has been reported that on the afternoon of Monday, January 20, 2020, a school bus operated by Roxborough Bus lines was picking up children at Rose des Vents elementary school in Cornwall when the bus suddenly caught fire. The bus driver immediately ushered 7 children off the bus and no one was injured. Now  the bus driver is being hailed as a hero for her actions.

That is a wonderful result and the the bus driver’s actions may have been heroic. But is that the total story? Do we now move on to the next fire and hero? Will there always be this happy result? What if it was a full-size school bus with 50 children, would they all escape in time? What if a school driver does not take immediate action because the gravity of the situation is not realized?  Do we accept that some percentage of children perish and move on? Clearly there is a problem with this logic.

Why did a fire start in this school bus and endanger the lives of innocent children? How many other school buses are likely to catch fire in the near future? Shouldn’t somebody ask?