Many citizens are cynical about many improvements in their neighbourhood. We hear those comments all the time: Something not done right. Something done not fast enough. Something done by someone that cost too much. And so on. This is very visible along roadways where workers cannot hide from the public’s view. Workers appear to be doing very little or nothing at all.

We hear the typical jokes from drivers as they pass work crews building the latest road project. Ten standing around, only one working. Why would it be no different when the infrastructure being built is a new cycling path.

The cynicism is apparent in the comments of many cyclists about improvements to cycling infrastructure. Cycling lanes are not being built fast enough. Cycling improvements are not only inadequate but dangerous. Whose decision was it to do it that way?

In the image below we encapsulate that cynicism through a photo of an elderly cyclist watching workers on Bradley Ave in London, Ontario where a new cycling path is being built. Not that the elderly cyclist is cynical, but he can be made to look that way.

For many weeks the traffic along Bradley between Wellington and White Oak Road has been disrupted and lanes were closed and heaps broken concrete and asphalt werre strewn everywhere. Then came the sand and gravel that laid the bed for the new lane. And finally the asphalt was laid. Pretty trimmings such as grass will likely follow just in time for the winter snow, when few cyclists will venture out to use the new path.

But when no one is looking some cyclists take advantage of the unfinished work, as shown in the photo below.

Signs such as the one below don’t always work.

Sometimes impatience reigns. When will this construction ever be finished? Our elderly cyclist might seem to be thinking that way.

Not what it used to be in my day. Work got done in the old days. Workers do nothing these days. Construction never gets done. Bah humbug. And off we ride away…