This photo taken by Riziero Vertolli shows the results of a minor frontal impact in Brampton that resulted in the driver’s death.

No explanation has been provided as to why a 53-year-old Brampton man died as a result of a minor frontal impact with a small wall on Garryoaks Drive in Brampton, Ontario this morning. Official news agencies indicate that police have not determined what caused the collision. But clearly the cause of the collision should not be as important as why the death occurred. Police were quoted as saying that the driver may have suffered a medical episode but there was no explanation as to what evidence led to that assumption.

It was only yesterday that a Brampton resident, Jason Ramkishun, was found dead in a car that exited the road and came to rest in a ditch. It was revealed that he sustained a gun shot wound. Surely further information as to how the most recent death occurred would be warranted. While gunshot wounds may not exist, deaths that are not consistent with the severity of a collision should not be dismissed.