Gorski Consulting has posted a number of warnings about the apparent increase in the numbers of fires occurring in motor vehicle collisions, or sometimes when vehicles are not even being driven. The latest incident on King Street in Toronto had significant consequences as a driver sustained life-threatening, burn injuries.

This was a photo posted on Twitter by @mrriecker showing the vehicle that caught fire after striking a light standard on King Street in Toronto

The collision reportedly occurred at 0630 hours this morning, March 17, 2017 when the front end off a Nissan Altima struck a light standard. The driver became trapped in the vehicle as it caught fire. There were conflicting reports that police were able to pull the male driver out of the vehicle while other reports indicated that the male was already out of the vehicle by the time police arrived.

Vehicle fires have been occurring with unusual regularity lately and in most cases occupants have been able to escape burning vehicle without too much harm. The present incident demonstrates that this luck cannot continue. There must be more done to understand why and how these fires start when the circumstances often do not warrant such consequences. Both Canadian and U.S. safety standards require a certain degree of fire prevention after a vehicle has been involved in high severity impact. It is clear that the severity of collisions in which fires are occurring is lower than what the standards require.